Student Work Study Timesheets and Due Dates

Those students enrolled in a Work Study program must submit a timesheet every other Tuesday (beginning Sepetember 11th and continuing every other Tuesday) for the work accomplished in the two weeks ending the preceding Friday.  The three-part timesheets can be obtained from the Work Study desk in the basement of the Seabury Building. When completing the timesheet, ONLY the following information is requested: Employee Name, Department, Rate, and Supervisor (Please do not provide Social Security number or other information not requested).  Then also check the Student Work Study box and fill in the dates, start and stop times and number of hours worked, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Finally, sign and date the timesheet at the bottom and have your supervisor also sign it.  Submit the signed timesheet to Bonnie Rountree at her office in the basement of Seabury.  You should keep the green copy.  If your supervisor wants to keep the yellow, she/he may do so - if not submit both the top and yellow copies to Bonnie.