There are times for the Chimes

Chiming before major services in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd consists of four segments:

  • The Changes
  • Hymns (when possible including the hymns to be sung at the service)
  • The "Signature" or quarter-hour time stamp when the service is to begin
  • The tolling (nine successive strikes)

The third segment, a reduction of the Chelsea Square hymn melody into four phrases representing each quarter hour, occurs as follows:

Services beginning on the hour (Tuesday Evening Eucharist) will be rung with the full four quarters.

However, services beginning on the half-hour (Evensong) will be rung with only the first two quarters, and

Services beginning on the three-quarter-hour (Friday mid-day Eucharist) will be rung with the first three quarters.  (We currently have no major services beginning on the quarter-hour but, if such were the case, they would be rung with the first quarter only.  This is as a clock would work.)

The fourth segment – the nine successive strikes – follows the Signature after a pause of a few beats.