You Can Help St. John's

Like many parishes, St. John’s in Union City, New Jersey was once a vibrant place with over 150 children in its Sunday School program.  Union City changed radically but St. John’s did not.  So, now the church stands empty located in one of the most densely populated ‘zip codes’ in the nation.  There are over 66,000 people contained in only 1.4 square miles. In October we will re-institute Sunday worship at St. John’s in both English and Spanish.  Initially, this will be accomplished by dedicated priest volunteers for a few weeks until the community can become more financially stable.

With the help of some great people, St. John’s is opening a thrift store.  The merchandise will provide the parish with consistent revenue which may soon provide the funds to maintain their Sunday worship in leadership both in prayer and music.

Would you have something to donate to St. John’s?  Dean Malloy and Anthony Khani have permitted the use of a portion of the laundry room in Moore to store stuff.  I have reserved a truck for the 14th of September and will convey your donations to the church late that day.

Thanks for doing this.  Please keep St. John’s in your prayers as we strive to minister to God’s people in Union City.

Tim Carr