Centering Prayer / Meditation

A small cadre of students has committed to meeting for Centering Prayer as a group each Wednesday at 5:00 pm in the Oratory in Sherred Hall.  All members of the community – spartners, students, faculty, staff) are invited to participate as often or as little as you choose. PLEASE NOTE:  We have moved our venue from the Dehon basement to the Oratory as a more "sacred" space.

We will meet each Wednesday afternoon and sit in silence with God until the Angelus Bells bid us to Chapel at 5:20 pm.  We then may have just a few minutes of brief conversation before heading off to Chapel.

We do not plan any organized discussion or reading that often is associated with Centering Prayer groups because most of us have enough other study to do and time at this hour is limited.  This will simply be an opportunity to sit in silence with God and let God enfold you for a few minutes.

If you are not familiar with Centering Prayer, please come a few minutes early and we can discuss it briefly.  Basically, Centering Prayer is simply sitting in silence with God, while trying to empty your busy mind of any thoughs that distract you.  It is amazing how refreshing and spiritually renewing this can be.  And everyone succeeds the first time!!

Those who would like to join us and want to practice another form of silent meditation are welcome as well.

Please join us.