FACES is here

Ever wonder just who that person you keep saying hi to on the Close really is?  Well wonder no longer. FACES is HERE!!  You can find Faces at the new GTS resources FACES website.  Because of the personal information contained in the profiles, there is a log-in to access this part of the site.  Please see the e-mail sent by Kim Robey on 3 October at 8:46 am to "GTS Everyone" for username and password logins. At the end of last year, a request for information for Faces was sent out. That information has been added to the profiles. For those who either did not send in info or are new to the GTS family, the profile contains just the basic information.

Please take a few minutes to log-in and proof your profile.  You may want to consider adding to your profile (if it is not already there)

  • Other photos- up to two additional
  • Your diocese or denominational affiliation
  • Your address (building name and floor on the close or address elsewhere)
  • Your cell phone number

If you notice any mistakes or would like to add info to your profile, please contact Angie Robidoux (arobidoux@gts.edu)

Currently FACES only presents Student/Staff/Faculty information on the main page.  Spartner information can be added to each main pages entry as desired.