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JK Melton



Seminarian JK Melton spent the  Summer of 2012 in Tanzania thanks to General Seminary's F.A.R. and Wide Scholarship in Mission and World Anglicanism. Melton was working in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika under the mentorship of the Rev. Sandra McCann, M.D., an official missionary of The Episcopal Church

While there, Melton toured mission projects in Dar es Salam and the surrounding area. He  stayed in the village of Nghong'onha, ministering with a local priest who is also in the midst of a theological study program. JK  preached on Sundays, helped teach, and otherwise participated in parish life. JK also participated in a theology conference at Msalato Theological College.

Having previously spent time in Liberia, JK was interested in discovering how mission work is different in a country that has suffered relatively little political strife. Whereas Liberia has survived years of bitter civil war, Tanzania, by contrast, has experienced economic chaos, but not the political violence that has troubled other post-colonial African nations.

JK was also eager to learn lessons from mission work that could apply to evangelism in the United States, where Christianity is no longer part of the dominant culture. “We can learn from the churches in Africa about ways to engage our communities and share the gospel," he said.

JK writes a blog, where he  posted updates about his mission trip, and you can also follow his journeys and learning on his Facebook page.