GOE Prep Session Schedule

General Ordination Examinations (GOE) prep sessions have been scheduled.  All persons taking the GOE this winter should attend these prep sessions.  Note also that the sessions will also be available after the scheduled date via video on the website:

Date:                   Time:                         Location:                      Lecture:

Oct. 17                11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Mullin– Church History

Oct. 24               11:00am                     Seabury Aud.               Neville– Church History

Nov. 7                 11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Moore- Liturgics

Nov. 9                   3:30pm                    Sherred 1A                   Shaner/Good– NT

Nov. 28               11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Lamborn- Ministry

Dec. 5                  11:00am                   Seabury Aud.               Carnley-Christian Theology

Dec. 7                  10:30am                   Seabury Aud.               McPherson- GOE overview

Dec. 7                    1:30pm                   Seabury Aud.               Owens– OT

There will be a few additional lectures to add to the schedule at a later date.

The lectures hope to give students an insight to the GOE subjects of:

  • (1)     The Holy Scriptures
  • (2)     Church History, including the Ecumenical Movement
  • (3)     Christian Theology, including Missionary Theology and Missiology
  • (4)     Christian Ethics and Moral Theology
  • (5)     Studies in Contemporary Society, including Racial and Minority Groups
  • (6)     Liturgics and Church Music
  • (7)     Theory and Practice of Ministry