GTS Students - Enjoy NYC Culture with Help from GTS Arts Fund

The Arts Fund at The General Theological Seminary was established for the purpose of encouraging students to take advantage of the many cultural opportunities available to them in New York City by providing a financial subsidy for attendance at such an event. Participation is optional. Students should be aware that The Arts Fund is funded solely on the basis of voluntary contributions, and that funds are not always available. Therefore, students are asked to please check in advance that the fund is currently solvent, as the Seminary is under no obligation and will not make reimbursement if funds are not available. The Arts Fund is administered by the Office for Institutional Advancement, Rm. 14 in Seabury. Guidelines for the Arts Fund are as follows: Each full-time student may submit one ticket each academic semester from a theatrical or musical performance or museum that they have attended (sports activities are not included), for which they will be reimbursed one-half the cost, up to $50.00 per ticket. Students may also submit one ticket stub each academic semester for their spouse or partner, for which they will be reimbursed one-half the cost, up to $50.00. The stubs must be submitted in the term in which the student attended the event. Ticket costs for children, friends, and other family members are not covered by The Arts Fund and are totally at the student‘s expense.