In Memoriam: The Rev. Teresa A. Parsons '10

The Rev. Terry Parsons, Class of 2010 and a leader of stewardship workshops at GTS, died on October 3, 2012. Terry was 65 and vicar of St. Alban's in Bay City, Michigan at the time of her death. Long a lay leader and stewardship officer of the church, she completed her M.Div. at General while working at the Church Center. Diocese of Olympia Bishop Greg Rickel wrote on his blog that Parsons was being treated in a hospital for complications from a series of falls she suffered over the past few weeks. "Terry didn't just talk about the Christian call to stewardship," Rickel wrote, "she lived it and her legacy and example will live on."

According to a tribute in the Episcopal News Service, "Parsons always insisted that stewardship was about more than what she called the "October Beg-A-Thon" or what many Episcopal parishes call the annual stewardship drive. She believed in year round efforts that help people discern how to respond with "joyous acts of thanksgiving" to all that God has given them.

Tributes to Parsons and her ministry began shortly after word of death spread, throughout ENS and social media.