Retreat at Little Portion Friary - 16-18 Nov

Practicing the 12 Step Prayers Retreat We Sought Through Prayer & Meditation... 

Friday November 16th at 6:30 PM thru Sunday November 18th at lunch 

Got Prayer? 

Join us for a weekend of reflection that will recognize recovery turning points, build fellowship, and add to (or, refresh) your spiritual toolkit.Please join us if you...

  • are      in any of the 12-Step programs, from your first 90 days to many years, no      matter where you are in step work;
  • have      a prayer practice, or don't; or, are "acting as if;"
  • are      curious (or, afraid);
  • are      spiritual, but not religious.

During the weekend, we will explore the four prayers that mark major "turning points" in 12 Step recovery: the Serenity Prayer and the Third, Seventh and Eleventh Step Prayers.

Throughout the weekend, we will spend time together in prayer and reflection, recognizing these turning points, sharing our experience, strength and hope, and discussion.

Some of the types of prayer we will practice together during the retreat will include meditation, labyrinth walks, contemplative journaling, soulcollage artwork, and deep listening.

No matter what step you're on, or how long you've been in program (and, whatever your relationship is to prayer), join us to deepen your experience with these essential "turning point" prayers of surrender, service and transformation.

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