Wellness Groups Up and Running: Walking, Yoga, Centering Prayer/Meditation


Dear Community Members, Our Wellness Groups are up and running!  Come sit in meditation, take a balanced and healing yoga class, learn different approaches to spiritual walking, and reach a state of openness and communion through hand drumming... all together with your GTS friends and colleagues!

These wellness groups are open to ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS EVERY TIME: students, spartners, faculty, administration, and  staff.  There is NO COST to invest in yourself through our wellness groups!  You may come as a beginner to any group at any point in the term, and do not have to be taking the course "Wellness and Holistic Spirituality" to take part... so to repeat: All are welcome!

Please see individual course descriptions below.  I hope many of you will avail yourselves of these opportunities.



 Centering Prayer/Meditation

Wednesdays, 5:00 pm to 5:20 pm

Meet in Oratory (top of Sherred Hall)

We will meet each Wednesday afternoon and sit in silence with God until the Angelus Bells bid us to Chapel at 5:20 pm.  We then may have just a few minutes of brief conversation before heading off to Chapel.  We do not plan any organized discussion or reading that often is associated with Centering Prayer groups because most of us have enough other study to do and time at this hour is limited.  This will simply be an opportunity to sit in silence with God and let God enfold you for a few minutes. If you are not familiar with Centering Prayer, please come a few minutes early and we can discuss it briefly.  Basically, Centering Prayer is simply sitting in silence with God, while trying to empty your busy mind of any thoughts that distract you.  It is amazing how refreshing and spiritually renewing this can be.  And everyone succeeds the first time!! Those who would like to join us and want to practice another form of silent meditation are welcome as well.


Healing Yoga

Saturdays, 9:00 am to 10:30 am

First session: Saturday, October 13

Meet in the Oratory

(Yoga mats and props provided… or feel free to bring your own)

All are welcome to Healing Yoga, facilitated by Kathleen “Kat” Killian, BA Dance, and RYT Interdisciplinary Yoga. Having taken her first yoga class at age 16, and becoming a professional modern dancer in NYC, Kathleen has studied, practiced, and taught movement of all kinds for many years. She previously owned her own yoga studio and healing center, and developed a unique system of yoga. Classes are a blend of hatha and kundalini yoga, and designed to open the heart, calm the mind, and balance the body through simple postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and prayerful meditation. Instruction and modifications are offered throughout class, each person working to their own level and pace. Come as you are, in comfortable clothes!


Spiritual Walking

Tuesdays, 1:30pm to 2:30pm (Weather Permitting)

First Walk is October 9 (For Those Here During Fall Break)

Meet Briefly in the Chapel for Spiritual Preparation

This Wellness group will take spiritual walks in the Chelsea neighborhood. Each week you will learn a different approach to spiritual walking. Examples include contemplative approaches such as paying attention to the breath, noticing a color, repeating a mantra or scriptural text, dropping pebbles in prayer, and being mindful of the body. Others involve human interaction and relationship, such as practicing loving-kindness, embodying a scriptural scene (Ignatian spirituality), walking in pilgrimage to a sacred place, and, come Advent, Stations of Christ's Nativity. Some walks will be slow and meditative, others brisk, but never so strenuous as to require a shower afterwards. Guiding the walks will be the Rev. K. Jeanne Person, Director of the Center for Christian Spirituality, and Michael Foley, one of our senior M.Div. students. To sign up for the individual walks, click here.


Drumming Circle

Still to come... more info on the way!!!