Memorial Sermon by Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Winner Br. Clark Berge ('84)

Due to the cancellation of the Alumni/ae Gathering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the winner of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award for 2012, Brother Clark Berge (Class of 1984), was unable to preach at the Memorial Eucharist. We are grateful he has published the sermon, aptly named, "What I would have said," on his blog. Here is an excerpt, with a link to the full sermon.

"Liturgies like today's are benchmarks of love and commitment. These are times when we can get a bit of perspective on our life and vocations. It's 'a return to the source' day in a way. I remember when I was a student here (I was a junior 31 years ago!) wondering at the names in the necrology. Who were these people? But even more deeply, I understood they had done what I also wanted to do -- to serve God and the Church my whole life. I know some of the names today, some were classmates. By naming them we claim them as part of the GTS family. By claiming them we are adding to the picture, the vision we hold up to the world, of what it means to be a Christian and a Christian leader."

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To see the names on the necrology, click here.