Bishop Gene Robinson visit was well-attended

The screening of the film Love Free or Die was held on Tuesday evening, November 13th in the Seabury Auditorium, sponsored by the GLBTQ Community at GTS.  About 55 people attended, both from the seminary and from the neighboring community.  Those attending provided some commentary afterward, such as "wonderful," "I was blown away," "This film should win an award" and "best film I've seen all year." Bishop Robinson asked the audience at the beginning to take notice how the Episcopal Church seems to come out while watching the film.  He said he thought the church came out looking pretty good.  Those attending seemed to agree that the church, while continuing to embrace its members who do not agree with the "gay agenda," is seeking justice and equality for all people and, in turn, is developing a message to all, those in and those out of the church, that speaks to all who are seeking God or a deeper spirituality in the context of the church.