Call for Resumes from Upcoming Grads!

Dear Upcoming Graduates,

 As you may be aware, last year GTS began compiling-- and sending out to a very large and receptive audience-- an e-book composed of resumes of our upcoming graduates, along with cover letters from the Dean and myself (as Director of Deployment).
We hope to continue this (new) tradition.  Please send me an electronic copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) as a .pdf file before December 15 (including all your contact information within the resume/CV); that way we can compile this book and have it ready to go right after the New Year has come!
Whether or not you are "released" from your diocese, please submit your resume; your status may change, and nowhere in the booklet do we say that those included are free to look around.  Interested parties are asked to contact you directly, so you need not fear getting in trouble with diocesan authorities.
Thanks for participating in this project; the more who participate, the stronger the e-book is!