Erin Borbet Thursday Night in Seabury

This Thursday evening (29 November) in Seabury Auditorium, Erin Borbet, respected mid-town women's accupunturist and health nutritionist, will teach about alternative therapies in the restoration and fulfillment of women's health related needs.  Her discussion and hands-on presentation equips participants with vital tools for health across a broad spectrum of women's needs.  Please read below her free offering to our community and her impressive training and work. Come join in this women's reproductive health seminar where we will explore the basics of hormone regulation during childbearing years through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Topics covered will include: Basal Body Temperature charting for general hormone balance, supporting health through the winter season, natural ways to address PMS, and holistic approaches to improve fertility, prenatal and postpartum health. Practical tips for relief of common female complaints through acu-pressure massage demonstrations, and self-care herbal and nutrition recipes will be provided and discussed.

Bio: Erin Borbet is a Licensed Acupuncturist and is Board Certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She holds a Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with clinical experience at NYU Medical Center, the Manhattan VA Hospital and Zhejiang TCM Hospital in Hangzhou, China. Erin is also an avid researcher of Western Herbalism and traditional food nutrition. She maintains a private practice in midtown, Manhattan where she specializes in the treatment of women's health.