Presiding Bishop Videotapes Advent Message at GTS

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, filmed her Advent 2012 message in General Seminary's Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Noting that Advent is a time of waiting for “the coming of the Prince of Peace, the one who will reign with justice over this world,”  Bishop focuses on two questions in her message: “What is it that you are most waiting for?” and “How are you going to wait this year?” In the Church's liturgical life, the season of Advent is one for waiting and preparing for the coming Christ. "What is it you wait for this year?" Bishop Schori asks in her message.  "Is it an opportunity to meet the surprising around you? Is it an opportunity to reflect on what is most needed in your heart and in the world around you?  How are you going to wait for that gift?  Are you going to wait actively?  Engaged?  Honing your desire? Stoking the passion within you for that dream?  Are you going to wait for a dream that will bless the whole world?"

The video of Bishop Schori's message, in which you will see the chancel of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, is available here.