Respected Teacher of Centering Prayer This Friday!

David Frenette
David Frenette

Practicing Centering Prayerwith the Sacred Breath

A Workshop with David Frenette

Friday, November 9, 1:00pm to 5:00pm General Seminary's Seabury Auditorium 

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General Theological Seminary is delighted to be hosting this workshop led by David Frenette, author of the newly released The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God. Frenette has been teaching Centering Prayer since 1984 under the guidance of Fr. Thomas Keating, an architect of this contemporary contemplative practice.

While the basic teaching on Centering Prayer generally focuses on the use of the sacred word, it is also possible to practice Centering Prayer with other sacred symbols. In this afternoon retreat-like workshop, you will explore the sacred breath as a way of deepening your own practice of Centering Prayer.

In the workshop, Frenette will teach how the practice of Centering Prayer with the sacred breath may be particularly appropriate at certain seasons of the spiritual journey. He'll also reveal how this contemplative practice may help you to realize that God, like the breath, is always within you.

The workshop, appropriate for both experienced practitioners and beginners, will include: • new teachings on how to practice Centering Prayer with the sacred breath • discussion of how contemplative attitudes may be brought into all aspects of life • extended practice of Centering Prayer.

Copies of The Path of Centering Prayer; Deepening Your Experience of God will be available for purchase at the workshop, for those who would like further support as they continue practicing Centering Prayer with the sacred breath.

This event is co-sponsored by General Theological Seminary's Center for Christian Spirituality and Contemplative Outreach of New York.