"The Anglican" - A Re-Introduction

A few of you know that I've been appointed Editor of The Anglican,the quarterly publication of The Anglican Society of North America, with a long-time association to GTS.  Most if not all of our editors, including Fr. Cody Unterseher of blessed memory, have been GTS students. On behalf of the Society, I'd like to re-introduce to you to our publication.  I invite you to our website, and to consider contributing to our mission with your submissions of articles, book reviews, poetry, fiction, artwork, and your sponsorships and subscriptions as well.   Submissions from students, faculty, and staff are all equally welcome, and this includes otherwise unpublished class papers and other material.

Please check out a preview of our upcoming issue here, and contact me directly with your submissions, questions, and recommendations


And please feel free to pass on this announcement to your friends and colleagues wherever they may be!

Autumn blessings continue, (The Rev.) Robert F. Solon, Jr. GTS M.Div. '06 editor@anglicansociety.org