Volunteering with the GO Project

The following opportunity for service is offered to the community. I'm writing you to consider your students volunteering with the GO Project. The GO Project‘s vision is to close the achievement gap for all under-resourced families who have children that are struggling in their New York City public school. By providing access to coordinated, comprehensive, and effective programs, the GO Project supports families in ensuring their child’s success in school, at home, and in life.

The GO Project meets on Saturdays from 9:15am-12:45pm from January-April. GO Project volunteers are placed with a specific classroom; the teacher in the class explains a project or activity and then the volunteer works in small groups with the students to help them complete their work. Volunteers are expected to commit most, if not all, Saturdays we are in sessions. GO volunteers are the ones who really make the difference; they connect with our students in the classroom as informal mentors and provide the support they need to feel confident and successful in the classroom.

If you are interested in volunteering with the GO Project on Saturdays and having a positive impact on a child’s academic success and growth, please let me know. You can read more about our program and volunteer opportunities offered by The GO Project by visiting http://www.goprojectnyc.org/.

Also, please send me the info on your next fair. We are definitely going to come over and present our organizations. Thank you for your time and attention. If you would like more information on volunteering, call me at 212-533-3744, ext. 207. You can also email at sbarrera@goprojectnyc.org.

Sincerely, Santy Barrera Volunteer Coordinator Civic Corp Member The GO Project 86 Fourth Ave New York, NY 1000

www.goprojectnyc.org/ Direct: (347) 377-2317 General: (212) 533-3744 Fax: (212) 533-5012