We Must Cancel Alumni/ae Week

Dear Alumni/ae, In the wake of the super storm last week, the eastern U.S., New York, and GTS in particular are still facing some very serious challenges.  After much careful consideration and conversations with the senior leadership of the Seminary, we have decided to cancel/postpone all of the activities of Alumni Week scheduled for the week of November 11, 2012.  This is very disappointing but given the realities on the Close, a prudent and necessary course of action.  Power has been restored to Chelsea Square; however, the boilers were completely flooded and much of the Close is still without heat including the Tutu Center, the Refectory and the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.

All who have made any payments will receive refunds.  The Alumni Executive Committee will soon begin to consider how and when we will have our next Alumni Week.  One possible scenario is simply to move everything as planned to sometime in the Fall of 2013.  As soon as those decisions are made, the wider GTS family will be informed.

Our prayers continue for everyone affected by this storm and in particular for all at General Seminary.  Those on the Close have faced this crisis with grace and courage and I know our prayers for them from around the country are deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding in these unfolding developments.







The Rev. Stuart Kenworthy, Class of 1984

President, Alumni/ae Executive Committee