Call for New Sacristans

Calling all (would be) Sacristans – Juniors, MA Students, Middlers, Spartners!

A note from the Chief Sacristan:

“We're beginning to develop the roster for the Guild of Sacristans for 2013 - for both Easter and Michaelmas terms. My two years in the Guild has been full of learning and camaraderie, along with some early mornings and a few long days. It's been rich, to see the inside of worship at the seminary, and fascinating as someone interested in working in the church professionally. You may know that General has the reputation of turning out graduates who can work comfortably in liturgical settings at a parish; service as a Sacristan helps to develop some of the tools you might need for that. Membership in the Guild is an opportunity to serve the community, to grow and learn, and to come closer to others in the midst of that; I commend it to you.”

“The Chief, the Day Captains, and the rest of the new Guild will be installed by the Dean along with the other new Chiefs and Guilds at a Community Eucharist near the date of the Feast of the Presentation (February 2nd), and service as Sacristans will begin the next morning. There will be some time for orientation and training before that, which will be scheduled once the new Guild is assembled.”

Please contact Stefanie Wilson or Andrew Durbidge to let them know of your interest, or simply to ask a question.