Registration for Easter Term now open

This is a reminder that online registration for Easter 2013 begins today, Thursday, December 20th. At this point, both Easter and Epiphany are open. Both registrations close on January 14, 2013. Registrations after that point will be subject to a $250 late fee; the Add/Drop period is the first weeks of Easter Term.
Please review the Easter 2013 Course Schedule on the "Course Offerings & Registrar" page on our website. You can compare the schedule to the course offering descriptions in the catalog. And please check the "Resources and FAQ" for academic-related questions, or the "GTS Resources" for other questions.
If you want to register for a course with a cap, but your level has not been added, register for it at the level offered, and I will make an adjustment in January. All courses that will be added and populated by me for you will be added before January 14th.
Emily G. F. Beekman, Registrar