Cambridge Inter-faith Programme Summer School 2013 Opportunity!

The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme Summer School 2013 - applications now open Calling emerging religious leaders around the world – in August 2013, the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme will bring together an international group from Islamic, Christian and Jewish backgrounds, for three-weeks of immersion in inter-faith education and encounter.  Students benefit from a series of lectures delivered by specialist academics and peacemakers from around the world; they are given training in the practice of inter-faith Scriptural Reasoning, and are facilitated through a process of teaching one another about aspects of their traditions. The Summer School also includes visits to religious communities around the UK. Most importantly, participants benefit from opportunities to get to know and learn from their fellow participants, who come from a wide variety of countries; relationships which last well beyond the Summer School itself.

"The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme Summer School honestly changed my vision on inter-faith experiences. I had never before encountered an inter-faith program quite like it. The ability to live, dine, converse, become friends, and network with a global connection of people from the three Abrahamic religions in such a fantastic, peaceful environment is not something that can be easily replicated. If I were an Imam and facing a problem in my community, I would turn to the close friends I made on the Summer School to seek their advice before turning to other Imams, because they have a different view and are a resource that is trusted and invaluable. This alone is tribute to the success of the program: the fact that people of different backgrounds and faiths can genuinely form friendships and care about one another and trust them enough to seek their advice."

Muslim student, USA, CIP Summer School 2011.


Applications are due by Friday 1st February 2013.

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