Safeguarding God's Children: Online Training


With many preparing for Anti-Racism training in late January, you might also remember that the winter break is a good time to complete Safe Church training. Fortunately, General Seminary makes available online training you can complete at home. All members of the seminary community are welcome to participate in Safeguarding God's Children, an online education and training program in child abuse awareness and prevention. The program consists of four interactive courses, each taking about 30-45 minutes to complete, that can be taken from any location, at any time: Meet Sam, It Happened to Me, Keeping Your Church Safe, and Keeping Your School Safe. The training meets the safe church requirements of most dioceses. Seminarians preparing for ordination or for ministry with children in Episcopal parishes will wish to check with their dioceses about which courses are required and also learn the safe church policies of their dioceses.

To register for Safeguarding God's Children, please contact the Rev. K. Jeanne Person, Director of the Center for Christian Spirituality.

"We, at General Seminary, believe that children are precious in the sight of God and deserve to be in healthy, trustworthy relationships with adults," writes Dean Patrick Malloy. "All adult members of a faith community, and especially the community's leaders, are responsible for ensuring such relationships."