Special Invitation: Cartoons Class with Bp. Andy Dietsche this Thursday, January 24

Back on the Close? Wish to spend informal time with the Bishop of New York? Interested in cartoons or would just like a good, profound laugh? Prof. Clair McPherson and the students in the Cartoons, Theology and Relationship with God course running this week cordially invite you to join them for an afternoon class session with the Rt. Rev. Andrew M.L. Dietsche, the new Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, himself an accomplished cartoonist. The session will begin this Thursday, January 24, at 1:00pm in Sherred 1A and will last about two hours.

Before he was ordained in The Episcopal Church, Bp. Diestsche worked as a graphics artist and cartoonist. But now, he writes in The Episcopal New Yorker, "the time constraints of my work mean that my drawing board sits more often covered in piles of books and papers than laid out with bristol board, steel nib pens and pots of india ink." He is grateful, therefore, for special occasions in which he can return to the world of cartooning.

This is an opportunity for General Seminary to offer hospitality and friendship to the bishop of the diocese in which the seminary is located and for students to enjoy examining the religious and spiritual character of cartoons with a bishop-theologian who is also a cartoonist. Please come for class, if you can!