IN MEMORIAM: The Rev. Donald P. Sullivan '86

The Rev. Donald Sullivan, Class of 1986, Vicar of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Key West, FL. and one of the area's best known religious figures, died in his bed February 2, 2013 at the age of 75. Sullivan was a loyal supporter of General Seminary and served tirelessly on the Alumni/ae Executive Committee for the majority of the last thirty years. He was a sought-after mentor and a friend to many at GTS as well as in his diocese of Southeast Florida, where he served as "Dean of the Keys." He made his home in Key West after a career with The Episcopal Church that spanned ministries in New York City and Trinidad. "To me, he kind of personified the parish vicar," said the Rev. Larry Hooper, the priest-in-charge of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where Sullivan occasionally filled in during mid-week services. "He had a front porch ministry there, and he was known to everybody and anybody who walked by. With his passing, many people will be bereft of his presence."

Church Sexton Rick Worth credits Sullivan with restoring the church to financial and spiritual health, after a period of stagnation. "I've seen preachers come and go and seen what changes happened or didn't happen," Worth said. "[Sullivan] brought some light back into the church. We had the same congregation, but his personality changed us. At one time, we were barely able to make our payments. He got things repainted and fixed. He educated us on being Anglican."

According to the Keys News, those close to Sullivan say he had been in ill health for some time, and had been scheduled to undergo a cardiac operation in Miami. Sullivan was a friend and mentor in Southeast Florida to our Chaplain, the Rev. James Reho (Class of 2008) who represented GTS at the funeral, which was held on February 13.