Lydia's – our community family room

Lydia’s seems to be a big success. Many good comments have come from all quarters of our community population. It is good to see so many friendly faces each morning as we gather for a few moments of conversation, a quick bite and a cup of our favorite hot beverage. To ensure Lydia’s continues to be a most welcoming center of community life, please keep in mind:

  • Coffee/tea/cocoa costs $1.00, except between 7:00 and 9:30am on school mornings. Please put your money in the jar at all other times – this is on an honor system. The money collected will be used to offer this hospitality throughout the day.
  • The one exception to the $1.00 cost is for official visitors to the seminary. We will offer them a complimentary cup as a gesture of our hospitality as they wait for their appointment.
  • Pastries and breads on school mornings are complimentary from the seminary. It is intended only to provide a light snack and not to provide a complete breakfast. Particular requests for fruit, cereals, toast, etc., simply cannot be accommodated. We will, however, try to keep a gluten-free bagel option available.
  • We will go a little longer to see how the Keurig coffee machines serve the morning crowd. If we determine that another machine is needed, we will add one.
  • We are using paper cups. They are compostable but not recyclable.
  • While we are open to ideas to improve the way Lydia’s operates, please keep in mind that there is no budget and no one available to make coffee in large urns and cleanup the urns, to wash cups, or otherwise keep house to support this hospitality.
  • Aside from normal housekeeping functions, the seminary has no staff to clean up crumbs off the tables, coffee spills, etc. Please be attentive to cleaning up as you leave the space so that others will enjoy the greatest hospitality when they arrive.

Your Community Council