OTM Profile Workshop Update

Dear Upcoming Graduates, You may remember that our scheduled OTM (Office of Transition Ministry) workshop was "snowed out" when GTS shut for a snow day on Friday, February 8.  That workshop was to be led by the Rev. Victoria (Tori) Duncan, Missioner for Transition Ministry.  Tori and I have been working with her, and GTS', calendar to find some potential overlap, and have been unsuccessful.

Several of you during our recent CPG dinner event let me know that the workshop was no longer needed, as the majority of you have now completed, or were in the process of completing, your OTM Profiles.  Given this, we will not continue to try and reschedule this workshop.  Rather, if you are having particular difficulties with your OTM Profile (either logistical or philosophical), please reach out to me directly;  I will help you if I can, and if I cannot, I will forward your query on to the Rev. Tori Duncan.

Please remember that you should not engage the OTM Profile without your bishop's permission and knowledge.  Thanks to you all for your patience around this, and sorry that we were snowed out!