Chili Cookoff set for April 4

The GTS community is invited to save the early evening of April 4 (a Thursday - soon!) for a potluck in Seabury Auditorium at 6pm (after Evensong). Community Council suggested we hold this seemingly annual 'Chili Cook-off' on a Thursday in the hope that commuter students and their families might be inclined to come.
As in past years: cook up your chili, bring it to share!
Make cornbread! Bring it to share!
Make... greens! or a salad! or a dessert, if you like, too...
It's a pot-luck, in good old parish fashion.
BUT! EXCITING! To have the fun of modeling a 'green event' you might use in the parish at some point,  you are asked to:
  • bring your own plates or bowls and utensils (and some to share with others, namely commuters and guests!). Some will be brought from the commuter lounge to share.
  • bring a cup to use and one to share!
AND!! In addition to a prize for best chili and best cornbread (per usual) we will also give an award for 'greenest' dish. Locally sourced? Low on the food chain? Carbon offsets bought? Did you ride your bike to the farmers' market to buy those greens? Did you slaughter that cow yourself? (well...)
Start planning those recipes...