From your Community Council President

Dear GTS Community:
I want to provide a complete listing of upcoming events for the rest of this term. Although all of these events have been published either in Up Close or by separate e-mail correspondence, there remains some confustion and misinformation. The following events are on the calendar for the remainder of the term:

* 24 April – Wednesday: Farewell to Lang Lowery during lunch in the Refectory. Complimentary cake and coffee/tea.

* 27 April –Saturday: Retreat for Graduates. Those who are graduating received an e-mail from Chaplain Reho with a link to respond. If you have not yet responded, Please RSVP by 5:00 p.m. April 20 at

* 30 April – Tuesday: Evening with the Carnleys, Seabury Auditorium, following the community meal. This event not sponsored by the Community Council but is open to all.

* 2 May – Thursday: Last day of classes.

* 2 May – Thursday: Faculty and Staff Appreciation Party, Seabury Auditorium 6:00pm, following Evensong

* 4 May – Saturday: Community Field Day - BBQ, Party and Games event from mid-morning until late afternoon

* 7 May – Tuesday: Seymour Preaching Prize Competition in Chapel, 1:30pm, for those who sign up

* 8 May thru 10 May: Final Exams

* 10 May – Friday: Blessing of the Crosses at Evensong

* 10 May – Friday: Reception honoring graduating class given by the Alumni ExecutiveCommittee, 6:00pm – 7:00 p.m.

* 10 May – Friday: Graduating Class Dinner, Refectory 7:00pm.

* 14 May – Tuesday: Commencement Rehearsal (*Mandatory*), Chapel, 4:30m

* 14 May – Tuesday: Baccalaureate, Chapel, 5:30pm

* 15 May – Wednesday: Eucharist – Preaching by student who received prize

* 15 May – Wednesday: Breakfast – following Eucharist – open to all.

* 15 May – Wednesday: Commencement, Chapel, 10:30am (line-up begins at 10:00am). Ticket holders will be admitted first, others on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: The Refectory will continue to serve lunch through the end of exams on 10 May.

Walt Kindergan

Community Council President