Wedding: Maria Ball & Zack Cloud


Dearly beloved of the seminary community,

This weekend, the Rev. K. Jeanne Person will celebrate and bless the marriage of Maria Ball and Zack Cloud, neighbors in Chelsea, in The Chapel of the Good Shepherd. The rehearsal will take place beginning at 4:30pm on Friday, and the wedding ceremony begins at 6:00pm on Saturday. Before the ceremony, the Chapel will be open to the wedding florist, photographer and musicians at 4:00pm, and the wedding party will arrive at 4:45pm for photographs. Wedding guests will be greeted by a seminarian at the 20th Street gate. Then, as the wedding concludes about 6:30pm, you will hear the chapel bells. Both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception are taking place away from the Close.

We tell you of the wedding so that you will not be taken by surprise! Even more, we invite your prayers for Maria and Zack as they begin their marriage. They have been faithful in their discernment and preparation for their marriage and have grown to love the seminary. They were disappointed to learn we did not hold Easter morning services! For your welcome to them over these past months, and especially to their wedding guests this weekend, thank you!