A New Call for Suzanne LeVesconte '11


The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte, Class of 2011, has been called as the Priest in Charge at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hamilton, Ohio. She is the first female pastor in the congregation’s 190 year history. LeVesconte began visiting Trinity in December 2012 as a Supply Priest. “The first time I walked in, I had a sense that I loved this place,” she said. “I have since watched them be tender to the people in the community, and that’s been very endearing to me.” She was looking for a parish like this, “that has possibilities for ministries in the community; I don’t need to teach them here because they already have a relational ministry with the people around them.”

LeVesconte began the assignment in June, her first after finishing residency at St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin, Ohio.