Community Welcome Party Postponed to Thursday, September 5

Dear GTS Community,
Due to the forecast of inclement weather this coming Monday, we will postpose the GTS Community Welcome party until THURSDAY EVENING (Sep 5th) at 6:00pm on the patio, following Evensong.
As some of you remember, we had to do the same thing in 2011 due to Hurricane Irene and last year we dealt with Superstorm Sandy for several weeks, so this is nothing new for us.
So please re-mark your calendars to next Thursday at 6:00pm.  As we said earlier, this party is for the entire community to welcome newcomers and those who continue in their studies or service here.  All students, faculty, staff and spouses and partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Peace and best wishes for a great first week of classes.
Walt Kindergan
Community Council President