A New Call for the Rev. James H. Reho, Ph.D. ('08)


The Rev. James H. Reho, Ph.D. (Class of 2008) has accepted a call to be Pastor/Rector of Lamb of God Church in Ft. Myers, Florida, a federated Lutheran-Episcopal congregation with particular interests and initiatives in areas of Reho's particular expertise: religion-science dialogue and emergent liturgy. It also provides him with the opportunity to practice his passion for interfaith and ecumenical work. Reho has been General’s Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care, Deployment, and Formation for several years. He said the decision “comes with some sadness in leaving both General Seminary, my alma mater, and New York City, my home town.  It also comes with eagerness and excitement around what has emerged as a clear and genuine call to a new ministry.” Reho responded to the congregation with enthusiasm: “I find so many resonances between the mission and vision of Lamb of God Church and my own deep longings…Church should be boldly inclusive, intentionally challenging, and joyfully Christian. What a succinct and powerful mission, and how well you are living it out!”