Beyond the Close: Trinity Institute Conference

Submitted by Deirdre Good: The theme of the 43rd annual Trinity Institute is The Good News Now: Evolving With the Gospel of Jesus, The conference equips clergy and laypersons for imaginative and catalytic leadership, presenting emerging and inclusive theological perspectives and engages participants in inquiry, dialogue, and reflection. We welcome participants from all faith traditions.

This year’s conference will explore how we tell the story of Jesus today, in a world informed by science, empowered by technology, rich in religious and cultural diversity, and yearning for meaning, connection, and wholeness.  Speakers include Chung Hyun Kyung, David Sloan Wilson, Derek Flood, Stanley Hauerwas, The Rev. Otis Gaddis III, Kimberleigh Jordan, Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J., and Almeda M. Wright.

Trinity Institute is November 21-24, 2013 and includes keynotes, Q&A, and reflection groups. The cost is usually $450, but we’re offering seminarians a $95 rate. We give special discounts to groups as well.


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