125th Anniversary of Chapel to be Celebrated at Commemoration of Benefactors – Oct. 31


At our October 31st Evensong, a special observance will take place offering Prayer for the Commemoration of our Benefactors and the 125th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. All members of The General Theological Seminary community–students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends–are warmly invited. The annual Commemoration of Benefactors has been observed at General Theological Seminary since the Eve of All Saints 1890. It is a time when we remember with gratitude those who have given generously to the Seminary and who have cared that it be worthy of its mission.

This is a time when we recognize our founders, Bishops Theodore Dehon, John Henry Hobart, and William White, and devoted laymen Clement Clarke Moore, Jacob Sherred, and John Pintard. It is a time when we praise God for all who have built and maintained this Seminary, particularly Dean Eugene Augustus Hoffman and his family who designed, funded, and oversaw the construction of what we know now as the Close.

Finally, it is an opportunity to remember all who gave of their means and life and love to assure that the Seminary doors would be open to us, in our time.