Community Profile: Nissan Maimon & Enos Micourt - General Seminary Maintenance Staff


Fresh paint can be seen around the seminary, thanks to Anthony Khani and the maintenance staff. Nissan Maimon has worked at General Seminary for three months. Before that he lived in Israel and worked on a farm, as a security guard, and as a sailor in a container boat. In the US, he worked in construction for 28 years and had his own company for the last ten years.  "I love doing my job and helping people," he said.


Enos Micourt has worked at General Seminary for eleven months. He grew up and lived in Haiti before he came to the US in 2003. He used to do pest control and security. Enos loves working at the Seminary.

Both Enos and Nissan do a bit of everything including painting, plumbing and electrical work around the Close. They are a key part of maintaining the grounds of the Seminary.