October 6 Hoffman Day Chiming Concert

With Great Chime-ness, I am pleased to announce our first Hoffman Day of this Academic Year! Hoffman Days are a festal days here at General when we remember and honor our donors and benefactors, in particular the members of the Hoffman Family.

On this Sunday, October the 6th, we commomerate Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, the Father of Eugene Augustus, Dean of General Seminary, on the Anniversary of Death. By decree of the Board of Trustees, the Guild of Chimers are bound by solemn duty to ring out the bells, the Jewels of Chelsea Square, in celebration of this occasion!

Therefore, this Sunday, on behalf of the Guild of Chimers, I invite you to celebrate this festive occasion at 6:30 in the evening with a Chiming Concert.

All are welcome to join in the Tower or on the Lawn to chime and listen in memory of Samuel Hoffman!

Yours with Festive Chimenity,

Peter Charles Secor Chief of the Guild of Chimers