Student Coordinator(s) Needed for Inter-Seminary Dialogue

For many years, the various Jewish and Christian seminaries in NYC have sponsored a program in which once a month one of the schools hosts an evening of dialogue among 30-40 seminarians who have chosen to attend.  A theme of common interest is chosen for the year (e.g., How We Understand Death?  What Is Our Marriage Liturgy? What Do Our Clergy Do?  How Do We Understand Forgiveness of Sin? etc.)   Each month, the host institution frames a brief introduction, and then all those present divide up into table-groups of 5-6 for discussion.  An effort is made to have Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Orthodox members in each group.  The discussions are entirely student-led and informal.  Usually some light snacks are served.  Meetings run from about 6:30-8:00.  This is a great opportunity to build understanding and friendships across denominational and faith boundaries. We need one or two students to be the GTS coordinators this year.  This involves:  Attending an organizational meeting the evening of 10/23; publicizing to the GTS community each month’s meeting; and organizing the one meeting that GTS will host here in 2013-14.  The coordinator(s) need to attend most (but not all) of the monthly Dialogues.  If you think you might be interested in volunteering for this, contact Prof. Owens, who has been the faculty sponsor.  Our previous coordinator, Walter Kindergan, can also explain more details.