New Editor Appointed for 'Up Close'

Senior Lorenzo Lebrija has been appointed as the new editor for "GTS Up Close," the Dean's internal source for GTS News. "I am delighted that I was chosen from a list of one," added Lebrija. In all seriousness friends, this is how we can get and share news about our community. If you have something to share, or if you would like for me to look into something that could be of interest to the community, send me a note at upclose at gts  (no spamming robot is going to get my email without a fight!).

Likewise, be sure to visit Up Close online or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @gtsupclose during the week for updates as they happen. Our weekly email listing the headlines for the past week goes out on Friday afternoon, but updates are posted throughout the week. Don't miss a single one! (You can make sure you see all updates by selecting "Get Notifications" when you like the Facebook page.)

Gotta run, much to cover! Stop the presses! What do you mean we don't have presses? Where's my agent?...