Beyond The Close: The Sweet Amen of Peace - Interfaith Youth Celebrate Inter-generational Community

The Sweet Amen of Peace - Interfaith Youth Celebrate Inter-generational Community
Saturday, April 5, the day of Martin Luther King's Resurrection, "Warriors of the Dream" gathers Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Muslim youth to celebrate with Drums, Dance, Spoken word and Hymns. Speakers address: "The Community, The Struggle, The Future." With Fr Keith Johnson - St. Philips; Mr. Dennis Parker - National Civil Rights Director of the ACLU; Cn. Charles Simmons - Diocesan Canon for Ministry; Fr. Stephen Holton - Program Director; Ms. Jeannine Otis - Artistic Director. Reception following with Drumming for all, and a Martial Arts Demonstration.
Saturday, April 5, 4-6 pm; St. Philips, 204 W. 134th St. at Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

Rev. Stephen C. Holton, STM (347)491-0820 Warriors of the Dream: "The World is Good. It is occupied with Violence. We will reoccupy it with God's Spirit. We are leaders, we have hope. We are the Community."