April 24 - Wippell on Campus

William, our handy Wippell representative has this to share: Wippell Day draweth nigh!

Mark Hoyer will be here Thursday 24th April (Thursday in the Octave of Easter) from 8:30--14:00 (2 pm) in the Close Room.

Equally as exciting, Wippell finally has a working website! Take a look

 Is your ordination around the corner and you need collars, tippet/scarf, and a stole? Are you secretly dying to buy that Biretta you've been eying for years? Is that cassock given to you by your home Rector during her curacy in 1980 just ready for the bin? Is your surplice actually a cotta? Are you considering a real alb with an amice? Want to inVEST in quality products which will last you throughout your ministry?

Come give a 'genuflection in Wippell's direction,' and take a look at the finest church supplies in Christendom...all made in the Holy Land!