Bishop Steven Charleston Presents "OMG: Spirituality in the Digital Age" at GTS


On April 3, the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston presented the 2014 Kay Butler Gill Lecture, "OMG: Spirituality in the Digital Age." He spoke of the development of a unique spiritual community: an inter-religious, international congregation of people from many distinctive backgrounds, all linked by a shared response to a spiritual vision that is both pragmatic and poetic. Each morning he compresses a single spiritual thought into a few concise words and posts it on Facebook, the largest social network in human history. The result is an ever-growing community of thousands that may tell us something about the evolution of faith into the far horizons of both the human spirit and human technology.

Bishop Charleston is a Native American elder from the Choctaw Nation, a bishop in The Episcopal Church, and the founder of Red Moon Publications. Thousands read his spiritual meditations posted daily on Facebook, some of which have been collected in his two books, Hope as Old as Fire and Cloud Walking, widely acclaimed for their deep spiritual vision and for their ability to bring people of widely different faith journeys together. He is also author of the newly published novel, The Bishop of Mars. He has served as the national director for Native American ministries in The Episcopal Church, the Bishop of Alaska, and the President and Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School. Currently, he is Visiting Professor of Native American Theology at the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University.

Bp. Charleston has kindly provided the text of his lecture here.


The Kay Butler Gill Lecture reaches scholars, graduate students, spiritual directors, clergy, and guests interested in topics of spirituality. Past lecturers have included Tilden Edwards, Roberta Bondi, Margaret Guenther, Martin Smith, Janet Ruffing, Robin Jensen, and John Philip Newell.

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