From the Registrar: Final Exams and Final Grades

April 23, 2014 Dear students and instructors,

I have posted the "Spring (Easter) 2014 Final Exam and Chapel Schedule" on the Registrar & Course Offerings page.

At the top of the document, there are very clear instructions about when grades are due and how to hand in "Extension of Time Petition" (request for incomplete). I have pasted them again here. Students, note that there are no exceptions for the deadline for submitting the petition(s), nor are there exceptions for incompletes when no petition has been submitted.

Text from the "Spring (Easter) 2014 Final Exam and Chapel Schedule:"

Grades for graduating students are due by Friday, May 9, at 5:00pm. (No time extensions –see below- past May 9, at 5:00pm) Grades for all other students are due on Friday, May 30, at 5:00pm

Any student who requests an extension must submit the “Request for Time Petition” on the Course Offerings & Registrar page of the website. The complete form, with all dates & signatures, must be submitted to the Registrar by Monday, May 5, at 5:00pm. It will not be accepted after that date.

Emily G. F. Beekman Registrar