Practical Chat Next Monday (Apr 28): How to Grow a Church

Are you interested in the practicalities of growing a church? Do you want to know the pitfalls and dangers that priests have experienced in growing churches? Do you want to discuss how your academic work at General will connect with the realities of parish work?
The Rev. Steph Britt will join us this Monday, April 28th, to talk about his experience coming into a parish and helping it grow. Steph is the rector of San Jose Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He will join us for Evensong and immediately thereafter begin his presentation in the 21st Street Room. Appetizers and drinks will accompany the talk.
This discussion is the first fruit of a project that Hershey, Dale, and Mark (Anderson, since we have a school full of Marks) have been working on for the last few months. Steph will be the first of a series of speakers at General, discussing the challenges, dangers, and opportunities that priests have experienced as they have worked to grow churches around the country. Please join us for this inaugural presentation!
Monday, April 28th Following Evensong 21st Street Room