Susan Wrathall ’06 Promotes “Feeding Ministry”


The Rev. Susan Wrathall, Class of ’06, is committed to working beyond the four walls of her church in Warwick, Rhode Island to create a “feeding ministry.” As rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, one of her first projects was to create a listing of the numerous resources for people in need in the Warwick area. Then, with the support of the St. Mark’s congregation, she started a free lunch program, and then added a food pantry. Of course, keeping the shelves of her pantry full is a big challenge.

Wrathall’s work caught the attention and brought the support of the city’s mayor, Scott Avedisian. Seeing how the program at St. Mark’s sets an example for the way local churches can help people in need, Avedisian launched a Lenten community drive to solicit food donations for the parish. Collection bins have been placed in most city buildings.

“Jesus tells us to feed the hungry,” says Wrathall, “because when we feed those who don’t have enough, we encounter Him.”

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