A New Book from Harry F. Shaefer III (1961-63)


The Rev. Harry F. Shaefer III, a GTS seminarian from 1961-1963, recently published First Thessalonians: The Hidden History of the Pauline Churches (Kephalos Publishing). The work explores what we might know about the history of the very early church if we only had this one letter, which is generally thought to be the earliest document of the New Testament. It alludes to a number of events in its immediate past, gives us a broad presentation of the gospel as Paul originally preached it in Thessalonica, and points to two historical developments that required him to modify his presentation of the gospel.

Shaefer studied Greek at Oberlin College and at Wayne State University. After studying at General and Union Theological Seminary, he was ordained and served churches in New York, New Hampshire, and Michigan, as well as working in a variety of business-related fields and service as a Sunday-only minister for churches in transition. Since 2009 he has served as Sunday minister for St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Elizabethton, Tennessee.