Community Council Elections: Nominate now!

The Community Council is soliciting nominations to serve as members of the for the 2014-2015 term. The Community Council--comprised of students, parents, spartners, staff, and faculty--is the seminary's primary programming board, and a vehicle for communication among the seminary community. It's an awesome opportunity to offer service to the community. The Council meets once a month at lunch time.  

All students and spartners--particularly our newest community members-- are encouraged to consider serving on the council. Beginning Wednesday, September 10, nomination lists will be posted in the mail room for each position available. Any member of the community may nominate a person, but the nominee must qualify and accept, by signature, in order to be considered for the office. A student may only accept one nomination. Nominations will close at close of business on Friday, September 26.

The GTS Community Council seeks nominations for:

  • Community Council President
  • Community Council Vice President
  • Community Council Secretary
  • Junior Class (M Div) Representative
  • Middler Class (M Div) Representative
  • Senior Class (M Div) Representative
  • MA Student Representative
  • Advanced Degree Student Representative
  • Commuter Student Representative
  • Parent Representative
  • Spartner Representative

Elections will be held on Monday, September 29th all day. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve. Please contact Tommie Watkins, Jr., GTS Community Council Vice President (, if you have any questions.