Refectory Menu - Week of September 22-26

Refectory menu for the week of September 22-26: Monday

Tacos with ground turkey Vegetables Saffron Rice Guacamole Pico de gallo Chicken beans soup Mixed greens salad Fruit salad Cold cuts Asst cookies


Chicken marsala Creamy polenta Suateed green beans w/ shallots Tomato and mozzarella salad Tomato orzo soup Spinach salad w/ toasted almonds Fruit salad Cold cuts Asst. cookies

Tuesday Dinner

Chicken noodle soup Sweet potato salad Quinoa and beet salad Cobb salad Apple crisp


Roasted beef Garlic mashed potatoes Sautéed broccoli Vegetable split pea soup Two greens salad Caesar salad Fruit salad Cold cuts Carrot cake


Roasted herb citrus chicken Moroccan cous cous Curry vegetable Carrot and cucumber salad Potato leek soup Arugula salad w/ beets and goat cheese Fruit salad Cold cuts Pound cake


Fried catfish Mac & cheese Roasted cauliflower Cole slaw Manhattan clam chowder Mixed greens Fruit salad Cold cuts Asst cookies

The administrators of the Refectory meals have graciously agreed to provide Up Close with the menus the previous week. We will then post them to General Up Close ( so you can begin to plan your selections for the next week.