Student Organizations at GTS

Student Groups - Fall 2014

Interested in becoming more active in the GTS community? Here are a sampling of the student organizations currently active on campus.


The Community Council meets monthly to plan events, discuss current issues, develop community initiatives, and help facilitate the overall well being of the seminary community.  Each fall a student president and other students, faculty, and staff are elected to represent the community and student body. Various sub-committees exist within the Community Council which focus on specific areas of communal living; Community Life, Mission & Social Justice, Communications, Operations, etc.  The Community Council is at the heart of student living and allocates money for nearly all other student groups and organizations on campus. Contact: James Miller (



Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings which include educational programs and speaker series.  The GLBT Club also hosts a Fall Celebration in order to invite our friends and allies to celebrate our diversity. Contact: Dale Grandfield ( and Peter Secor (, co-conveners.



Our goal is to support parents and keep the children involved on the Close.  Activities include Trick-or-Treating, and in conjunction with the Outreach group, a St. Nicholas Party and an Easter Egg Hunt.  New ideas are always welcome!  Contact: Jeanne Ackerman (Spouse of Chase Ackerman)



The Spartner Group (Spouses and Partners) is dedicated to building a supportive and fun community for the significant others of the Seminarians of GTS. We offer several events to assist the Spouses and Partners adjust to Seminary life and discern what our partners' call means for us. This includes a Fall Spartner Retreat and discussion with experienced Clergy Spouses. Contact: Tiffany Flesch (Spouse of Austin McGehee)



Are you interested in finding a way to deepen and support your prayer life? This year, small groups will meet weekly to pray the daily office together. Afterwards, members will have the opportunity to briefly discuss their personal spiritual practices in order to find support, encouragement, and ideas from their peers. One set of small groups will meet from 8:30-9:15PM on Tuesdays (praying Compline together). The other set will meet from 7:30-8:15AM on Thursdays (praying Morning Prayer together). Contact: Mark Anderson (



Our mission is to provide resources to the GTS community in order to empower women as they strive to live out their baptismal covenant in lay and ordained ministry in the Church.  We have met previously  every month to share information and provide support for each other as we seek to serve God together as women in this place at this time.  We organize different events throughout the year which focus on women.  All women and men are encouraged to attend. Contact: Kat Killian (



Episcopal Relief and Development is "the compassionate response of The Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world," serving communities locally and throughout the world by distributing funds and providing aid to people in need. ERD partners with local aid organizations across the globe, often working with the ethos that it is better to teach a person to fish than simply to give a person a fish. Episcopal Relief and Development representatives serve as liaisons for the seminary to ERD, including attending an annual conference. The representatives also coordinate relevant speakers and outreach projects for the seminary to benefit ERD. All members of the community are enthusiastically invited to assist and participate in these projects - please be in touch if you would like to help out or have ideas or requests! For more information about Episcopal Relief and Development, please see Ann Urinoski ( and Charlie Bauer (


OUTREACH - Contact: Tommie Watkins (



The chimes of the Chapel are the most distinctive sound on the Close.  The Guild of Chimers is open to ALL community members (including spouses and older children).  Musical talents and ability is not required, since the hymnals are transcribed into a format that anyone can understand.  Chiming occurs daily for 10 minutes, before the service with music.  Each chimer plays once a week, and is teamed up with at least one other person. Contact: Matt Welch (


GUILD OF SACRISTANS -  Contact:  Hershey Mallette (


GUILD OF PRECENTORS - Contact: Austin McGehee (